Gentrification: The Shiny Happy Place

The Shiney Happy Place
The Shiny Happy Place, 2019, Mixed Media on Panel, 12″ x 12″

Today, in an effort to become the next Up and Coming Place, cities replace their old Mom & Pop establishments with chain stores and trendy overpriced restaurants.  It is almost hard to tell one place from another anymore. So that is what this painting is about. The text on the artwork reads: The city I knew discarded its old clothes and dressed itself in the newest ill-fitting fashions


4 thoughts on “Gentrification: The Shiny Happy Place

  1. Glad to see you’re painting again. This one’s a beauty! An acute thought about a once vibrant city that is rapidly becoming unaffordable for the working class. The “Printing Crafts (1911)” building where I worked for 21 years is now the “Pitcairn” luxury condo building. Wonder if they know about about all the lead that was smelted there and the asbestos that covered the pipes…

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    • Really struggled with this one, many different versions. Yes, seems to be a problem plaguing many cities. And in the efforts to be something trendy, they are erasing what made them special.


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