New Etsy Shop (and always free shipping)

Folk Song Bird
Folk Song Bird, Linocut with watercolor

Like most artists, I make more than one body of work. Each body of work is meant to be shown/exhibited at different types of venues. My books, paintings, and drawings tend to be about specific topics and usually are done in series and are best left to indoor (often non commercial) venues. On the other hand, my linocuts are each made to stand on their own and meant to be brought to outdoor shows and sent into the world to live in other peoples’ homes.  It has always been a personal mission of mine to to do two things with my linocuts:  inspire a sense of joy and to offer a high quality work of art at very affordable prices. Since I am not doing as many outdoor art & craft shows as I used to, I decided to put my linocuts on Etsy.  As of this posting, I have ten linocuts listed. I am also offering free shipping as a standard policy. So please take a look at my Etsy shop here (or use the menu at the top of my website).

Hanging Out
Hanging Out, Linocut


Autumn 1
Autumn 1, Linocut, frottage, watercolor

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