Artist’s Bio

Diane Podolsky’s substantial and varied career in the visual arts includes accomplished solo exhibitions, artist books, and public art projects. Her work has been reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer and featured in City paper and Philadelphia Weekly Press. Ms. Podolsky’s work has been collected widely by individuals as well as public and corporate collections including LaSalle University Art Museum, Swarthmore College, Atlanticare, and the Free Library of Philadelphia.  She was the recipient of the Gold Medal at the historic Plastic Club of Philadelphia in 2009. As a teaching artist, Ms. Podolsky was awarded five consecutive residencies through the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Art Futures Program. She also served on the faculty of the Delaware Art Museum and as an artist in residence and roster artist for numerous arts programs and schools in the Philadelphia area.  In addition to her career as an artist, Ms. Podolsky held executive, curatorial, and board positions within the Philadelphia arts community. Ms. Podolsky earned a B.A. in Humanities with a fine arts concentration from Holy Family College and an M.S. in Management with a focus on Arts and Cultural Organizations from Rosemont College. Ms. Podolsky attended the Barnes Foundation under a Violette deMazia Scholarship and studied printmaking at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Ms Podolsky also completed Master Gardener training through Penn State Philadelphia Extension Campus and Master Naturalist Training though Central Carolina Master Naturalists.  Her artistic, professional, and practices in natural history and botany work in tandem to create a rich visual language all her own.   Ms. Podolsky’s resume can be viewed here.

Artist’s Statement

My work is experiential so it is a reflection of what I am thinking, feeling, or surrounded by at a given time.  Some of the themes that continually resurface in my work include natural history, the urban environment, buildings, and social issues. Often, my work touches on a number of these concerns concurrently, creating rich and subtle dialogues. Being from a large city, these subjects were pervasive in my everyday life and critical to what fostered my studies in natural history and botany. I marveled how plants and creatures managed to survive among the bricks and bedlam of the urban environment. Since living in North Carolina, my experiences and observations with natural history have been informed in dramatically new ways. Paper is absolutely my favorite surface.   The tactile nature of mark-making that printmaking and drawing provide allows an intimacy that I find most rewarding.  The personal nature of artist books, their size, and the scope of media employed to create them make it the perfect medium for me to navigate topics on which I reflect.

Her work is a fusion of opposites: virtual folk subjects on the one hand and high art strategies on the other.”  ­- Victoria Donohoe, Philadelphia Inquirer

Assumptions, 2020, Artist Book, Unique, 7.5 X 10.5 OPEN, 7.5 X 5.5 Closed, You can learn more about this piece by clicking here