Succotash, Painting, Leisure Activities

This may seem like an odd combination of things but it is because last summer I gave a summary of a week’s activities and it was a week that we cleaned the carpet. Well, it is carpet cleaning day again so I figured that was a good reason to repeat that format and fortunately itContinue reading “Succotash, Painting, Leisure Activities”

The Girl from Ipanema’s House

I am posting this at the insistence of a friend that urged I share it. I don’t know what made me think of this song recently but I did and was compelled to draw and write the following (see a typed version of the text under the image): The text reads: This is where theContinue reading “The Girl from Ipanema’s House”

On Attempting to Get Singing Advice from Art Garfunkel

  Off and on I have studied voice.   I do not know the technical name of the techniques used by my instructors, but I would guess classical training might be a fairly accurate description .  The last time I decided to take voice lessons, I wanted to try a different technique but did not knowContinue reading “On Attempting to Get Singing Advice from Art Garfunkel”