Reduction Linocut Step by Step

Many years ago on a former blog I had a tutorial on how to do a reduction linocut. A reduction linocut, said to have been invented by Pablo Picasso as a means to economizing on linoleum, is when you use only one block to make a color print instead of the traditional one block perContinue reading “Reduction Linocut Step by Step”

Frottage: A Simple Printmaking Technique with a Rich History

PLEASE NOTE: My website has move. This site will remain up as a blog with a few other information tabs at the top. You can access my new website from the top menu or here. Frottage of an image from a storm drain with watercolor on top At some point, you probably took your nice newContinue reading “Frottage: A Simple Printmaking Technique with a Rich History”

Making a Transfer Print

Three examples of transfer prints  Recently I added a few new prints (see above) to my Etsy site that were made via a transfer method. I have been recently thinking about ways to print without a press because so many of the places I taught did not have a press and, in the spring, IContinue reading “Making a Transfer Print”

Embossing by Hand

Hand embossing, also called blind embossing, is a simple technique that yields elegant results.  I referred to this technique in my last post on McMansions where you can see another example of the medium. I became interested in embossing 20 something years ago when I came across and ad in the back of a magazineContinue reading “Embossing by Hand”