Local (?) History

Last week we went for a walk on a local greenway that features statues of prominent citizens from the area. While we did not get to see all the statues, the ones we did see were informative and impressive. The one I am choosing to feature here is because, though it is a local figure,Continue reading “Local (?) History”

Almost a Normal Week, kind of sort of

Like most people, I have lost track of how long we have been living an altered life style. But last week I had what almost resembled what I would have considered a normal week at one point.  So I will recap it here as a reminder that, with adjustments and care, we can sort ofContinue reading “Almost a Normal Week, kind of sort of”

Stickwork Installation

It was great fun to work on this installation in progress at Davidson College with artist Patrick Dougherty.  I will take photos of the finished work but here are some of the work in progress. My handiwork consisted of wiring pieces together (see last photo on right) and helping to move stuff. The wiring wasContinue reading “Stickwork Installation”

Should Art Match Your Sofa?

The age old indignation of someone holding a fabric swatch up to a piece of art is something many artists endure.  I was reminded of this lately when rewatching Hannah and Her Sisters when the character Frederick, an artist, becomes outraged when a potential client wants to consult his decorator before buying. So let me poseContinue reading “Should Art Match Your Sofa?”