A Wonderful Gift (and letterboxing too!)

Yesterday I met my friend Alice to go letterboxing, which we do occasionally. As we were getting started, Alice wanted to show me somethings she recently made. One was a book about a park in her neighborhood. When I met Alice, she was working very hard on a committee trying to save the park fromContinue reading “A Wonderful Gift (and letterboxing too!)”

What are the chances?

Lately, I have sharing my modest knowledge as an amateur botanist with artists from the Plastic Club in a series called “on plants” which takes place via Zoom off and on. Carla Stine, one of the participants who creates beautiful botanical illustrations, had a strange looking object that fit in the palm of her handContinue reading “What are the chances?”

This Sunday: On Plants. A Zoom series on plants and the different ways artists relate to them.

You do not have to be an artist or an expert on plants to enjoy this upcoming series hosted by the Plastic Club. It will kick off this Sunday with a presentation I am giving on looking at the characteristics of leaves with an emphasis on trees. Many people enjoy plant journaling as a wayContinue reading “This Sunday: On Plants. A Zoom series on plants and the different ways artists relate to them.”

American Beech Tree: Romance Recorded

As much as it pains me to see a tree defaced in anyway, I could hardly argue with the sentiments left in this message!  The very smooth bark of the American Beech Tree (Fagus grandifolia) lends itself to whims of any passerby with a knife and a need to proclaim their love for someone else,Continue reading “American Beech Tree: Romance Recorded”