Cookie Cutter House Project


The Cookie Cutter House Project (CCHP) is a project that explores issues and concepts surrounding ideas on “home”, housing, and community through artwork, blog posts, and (eventually – hopefully) pop up community events.

There are two groups of links below that are divided as follows:  Defining Home and Issues Surrounding Housing and Community.

Defining Home is a group of links to an online exhibition. Approximately 20 makers from different parts of the US and Canada were sent a set of identical house shapes measuring approximately 9″ tall by 6″ wide. Using at least one of those house shapes, the maker depicted her/his idea of  home.  In addition, the makers wrote a few lines about their thoughts on the topic. 

Issues Surrounding Housing and Community are a group of short blog posts I wrote and artwork I am developing.  Subjects for this aspect of the project vary widely and include topics such as: over development, HOAs, unfair housing practices, shortage of affordable housing, gentrification, defining the local landscape, and so on.

Defining Home


Issues Surrounding Housing and Community