Cookie Cutter House Project


The Cookie Cutter House Project (CCHP) is a project that explores issues and concepts surrounding ideas on “home”, housing, and community through artwork, blog posts, and (eventually) pop up community events.

The term “Cookie Cutter House” is a derogatory  term to describe a group of houses that are all the same. Row housing (the type of housing I lived in most of my life) and early suburban communities like Levittown, PA and NY were considered “cookie cutter houses”.  The fact is, the minute people move into any dwelling it takes on the personality of the inhabitants.

The group of links below are part of an online exhibition. Several makers from different parts of the US and Canada were sent a set of identical house shapes measuring approximately 9″ tall by 6″ wide. Using at least one of those house shapes, the maker depicted their idea of “what home is”.  Along with their house shape, the individual maker wrote a few lines about their thoughts on the topic. They submitted their entries back to me digitally. There will be approximately 20 – 25 submissions by the end of the project. Below are the entries I have to date.

The links below are blog posts I wrote with regard to housing and community. They are also part of the Cookie Cutter House Project.