3 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. Diane, The study of foods from different cultures and what certain foods reveal about certain people can fill volumes. I flash on conversations with various foods about my response to some of their familiar foods, and theirs to mine, and I linger on possible assumptions we go on to make about one another just based on food choices. This is a fascinating study, and also a fun way to learn about cultural differences.


  2. When I think you and food I think of some of the wonderful lunches you used to make me. As well as some of the wonderful lunches (and drinks) at the Midtown Diner!


    • In a very tasteful and tasty way you generously returned the favor at your house for me and for Scott. I also think of the fun and flavorful lunches that we shared in a number of different spots in Center City. where both of us went beyond ancestral bounds in lunch choices.


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