Special Projects

The Cookie Cutter House Project

The Neighborhood, 2019, Mixed Media Installation

The Cookie Cutter House Project explores the concept of home, as well as issues on housing and community. This is done through an online exhibition, blog posts, and other artwork I have made or am in the process of making.

The online exhibition features 18 artists/makers from different parts of the US and Canada. Each participant was sent a set of identical house shapes measuring approximately 9″ x 6″. Using at least one of those house shapes, the maker depicted her/his idea of home. In addition, the makers wrote a few lines about their thoughts on the topic then were featured on this blog. Links to the individual posts are below.

If you scroll through my blog, you will find many posts that talk about housing and community. Here are a few of my favorites:

A few works of art I made for this project have been completed so far. You can read about the piece at the top of this post, The Neighborhood, by clicking here. You can view other works by clicking on the following links:  Little Pink Houses,  Ghosts of Neighborhoods Past, The Fallen, The Shiny Happy Place

Any Back Yard

UArts installation Postcard front
Any Back Yard, Installation Postcard and Education Piece

Any Back Yard was an installation about attracting wildlife to a backyard. It was displayed at the University of the Arts Window on Broad, Philadelphia in the spring of 2006. The card announcing the installation also served as an educational piece. You can read about the installation here.

Dirty Birds & Portraits from Natural History

Below are selected mixed media works I made celebrating urban wildlife. Dirty Birds and Portraits from Natural History were titles of solo exhibitions where these works were included.

Weeds, Mixed Media on Paper
Podolsky - Flossy or Garden Friend
Flossy, Mixed Media on Paper
Make A Wish
Make a Wish, Mixed Media on Paper
Fish Market
Fish Market, Mixed Media on Paper, Collection of LaSalle University Art Museum
Pigeons, Mixed Media, Private Collection
Portrait of a Robin, Mixed Media, Private Collection
Foraging 1
Foraging, Mixed Media, Private Collection