When Your Artwork Finds You Again

Every once in awhile, I hear from former customers regarding work they purchased and it is always lots of fun to hear how they have lived with the work through the years.  I had such an experience last week when a customer from the early 1990s contacted me to ask if the piece he purchasedContinue reading “When Your Artwork Finds You Again”

What is Home to Amy Danford

Amy Danford was born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Havertown, Pennsylvania When I think of the word “home”, I am unable to pinpoint one location or thing. Home has been the Midwest, New York City, New Jersey, and now Pennsylvania.  However, home doesn’t necessarily mean a brick and mortar building to me.  It’sContinue reading “What is Home to Amy Danford”

What is Home to Jessica Eldredge

Jessica Eldredge was born in Connecticut and lives in Pennsylvania. My home to me is a kaleidoscope-full of color and light and all the things I find beautiful. All sorts of little pieces of my life come together there and bring me joy.  Learn about Jessica by visiting her website:  www.jessicaeldredge.com

What is Home to Tracy Brunner

Tracy was born in New Jersey and currently lives in New Hampshire For me, home is an interesting concept. I have moved a lot since I left for college at 19 or 20 years old, and I travel as much as I can. Most of my travels involve sleeping in a tent with my husbandContinue reading “What is Home to Tracy Brunner”

What is Home to Marlene D’Orazio Adler

  Marlene was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now resides in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Comforts of Home: Tea is about what a home is, as connected to drinking tea. There are many things that make up a home and collecting beautiful objects that remind us of special times with family and friends is especially important toContinue reading “What is Home to Marlene D’Orazio Adler”

What is Home to Helena Van Emmerik-Finn

Helena was born in Doylestown, Pa., lived and traveled all over the world, and now lives back in Doylestown, Pa. To me, home is where my husband, Bob, and I are. We have different tastes in food, music and TV shows, but always have our coffee together first thing in the morning. When we travel,Continue reading “What is Home to Helena Van Emmerik-Finn”

What is Home to Allison Wooley

Allison Wooley was born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. When thinking about what home means to me, I thought of all the various places I lived or traveled to and made my home.  I began thinking of that saying “home is where the heart is”.  Being born and raised in Cleveland,Continue reading “What is Home to Allison Wooley”

What is Home to Mark Young

For this particular post, it is best to read the commentary from Mark first, then view his video which is posted after his comments.  Mark Young lives and works in Chester County, PA, to the northwest of Philadelphia and was born and raised in Delaware County, just to the southwest of the city. I have servedContinue reading “What is Home to Mark Young”

What is Home to Alice Sudduth

Alice Sudduth was born and raised in Monticello, GA and currently resides in Davidson, NC. I haven’t moved a lot in my life.  I’ve spent most of my life in the southern US, mainly in Georgia and North Carolina.  Most of my life I’ve lived in houses that are adjacent to wooded areas and IContinue reading “What is Home to Alice Sudduth”

Your Local Department Store

While there are chain departments stores that you can find in almost any city, there are those special local/regional ones that define an area. Where I am originally from, there were not only wonderful larger local department stores but some smaller ones as well. The larger department stores I am speaking of are Strawbridge &Continue reading “Your Local Department Store”