Artist’s Statement

Over the course of my career making art, certain stylized symbols drawn from natural history and the urban environment continually resurface in my work, as well as the desire to confront issues surrounding society or the environment. Often, my work touches on a number of these concerns concurrently, creating subtle dialogues. Being originally from a large Northeastern city, I marveled how plants and creatures managed to survive among the bricks and bedlam of the urban environment. After training as a Master Naturalist and Gardener and moving to the Southeastern United States my experiences and observations have informed my work in dramatically new ways.  The personal nature of artist books, their size, and the scope of media employed to create them make it the perfect medium for me to navigate topics on which I reflect. The tactile and personal nature of mark-making through drawing, painting, and printmaking enables me to convey my subjects as I see them rather than as they really are.

Her work is a fusion of opposites: virtual folk subjects on the one hand and high art strategies on the other.”  ­- Victoria Donohoe, Philadelphia Inquirer

You can view and download my CV here

I Was a Tomato Farmer, 2021, Artist Book – Unique
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