The Origins of the Cookie Cutter House Project ~ Part 1

Neon Nights
Neon Nights, 1989, Cut paper collage, Private collection

Houses and buildings have long been represented in my artwork.  I believe that even though certain imagery may remain in an artist’s work, the meaning of those images can change over time.  When I teach, I often refer to such imagery as personal symbols.

When I first started putting buildings in my work, it was obvious to me that it was because this was part of my everyday scenery.  I lived in a very large city and you saw row after row of houses and blocks and blocks of buildings.  This post shows some samples of my work from the late 1980s which was all made of cut paper, down to the smallest detail.  I truly believe I would not currently have the patience to work in this medium. 

 The image of the church steeples is based on the view from my endless

Church Bells, Circa 1988, Private Collection

travels on elevated trains.  From such a vantage point, rooftops and the items that live on rooftops became additional personal symbols for me. I will talk more on this in a future post. 

Below are a few more images of work made with cut paper that relate to the theme of buildings.

On the Town
On the Town II, Circa 1988, Private Collection



Night on Town
On the Town, Circa 1988







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