Exhibition Talk Video

This is a talk I gave during a show of my artist books at the Hickory Museum of Art in 2022. The video was recorded spur of the moment on my phone by my husband. I was very fortunate to receive a grant to have some professional editing done with an emphasis on being ableContinue reading “Exhibition Talk Video”

Gull Print Drawings

Last week, walking under a pier along a beach in Virginia by the Chesapeake I looked down and noticed a blanket of Gull footprints in the sand. Being a fan of textures and patterns, I thought this might be fun to try to print or draw. Drawing first! I used my black sketchbook and someContinue reading “Gull Print Drawings”

New Paintings

To call these ‘new’ is sort of misleading. One of them (City, Spring) is actually new. But the other painting (Winter) is something I worked off and on at for about 2 years. I thought it was done but something still didn’t seem right so I had it sitting on a small easel so IContinue reading “New Paintings”

Drawings – Seed Houses (part 1 of 2)

A few posts ago I showed some drawings I was doing on what I called “Seed People”. Well, seed people need a place to live so here are some Seed Houses. On some of these you can see a ghost of the image from the other side of the paper, but I don’t think itContinue reading “Drawings – Seed Houses (part 1 of 2)”

Drawings – Seed People

Not long ago I mentioned that I like to sit and doodle. Many of my doodles recently have been these characters that I decided to call seed people. The thought of seeds kept coming into my mind – first from the word ‘Seed’ that I made during my lettering class then through a guided meditationContinue reading “Drawings – Seed People”

Drawings – Eras of Creation

There was scholar by the name of Marcus Borg whose focus for his many books was historical interpretations of sacred texts. An overall theme in a chapter of a recent book I read was how ancient communities explained where the world came from. Many of us are familiar with the Creation story from the firstContinue reading “Drawings – Eras of Creation”

Drawings – Ancient Figurines

I was searching for images in the public domain to show during a talk I was going to give on the element of shape in art. It dawned on me that the ‘go to’ is always paintings and I got to thinking that sculpture would be so much more fun for exploring shape. Many ofContinue reading “Drawings – Ancient Figurines”