Exhibition Talk Video

This is a talk I gave during a show of my artist books at the Hickory Museum of Art in 2022. The video was recorded spur of the moment on my phone by my husband. I was very fortunate to receive a grant to have some professional editing done with an emphasis on being ableContinue reading “Exhibition Talk Video”

Drawings – Seed People

Not long ago I mentioned that I like to sit and doodle. Many of my doodles recently have been these characters that I decided to call seed people. The thought of seeds kept coming into my mind – first from the word ‘Seed’ that I made during my lettering class then through a guided meditationContinue reading “Drawings – Seed People”

Drawings – Eras of Creation

There was scholar by the name of Marcus Borg whose focus for his many books was historical interpretations of sacred texts. An overall theme in a chapter of a recent book I read was how ancient communities explained where the world came from. Many of us are familiar with the Creation story from the firstContinue reading “Drawings – Eras of Creation”

Drawings – Ancient Figurines

I was searching for images in the public domain to show during a talk I was going to give on the element of shape in art. It dawned on me that the ‘go to’ is always paintings and I got to thinking that sculpture would be so much more fun for exploring shape. Many ofContinue reading “Drawings – Ancient Figurines”

Printing with Alice

Every so often, I invite an artist friend to come over to use my printing press. My friend Alice had an image she wanted to make of a Salamander from when she went log rolling a few days before. Ok, you want to know what log rolling is. Well, it is a way to lookContinue reading “Printing with Alice”

My Sketchbooks

Since I post so much from my sketchbooks I thought it might be worthwhile to talk about the types of books I have. As mentioned in other posts, I used to not be a sketchbook person. I thought this was odd given you always hear of artists keeping sketchbooks. But I would obsess over theContinue reading “My Sketchbooks”

Harriet is on Vacation

So for those of you who are used to seeing Harriet the Elegant Ghost posted at least once a week this is for you! Harriet has rented this space out (to me) for a time to raise money to go on new adventures as well as replace her string of pearls and opera glasses. AsContinue reading “Harriet is on Vacation”

New Black Paper Sketch Book

I always wanted to try a black paper sketch book. They are great for metallic drawing media, white gel pens, and select other media in very bright colors. Below is one of the small sections I used to test different colors and media. I will post more information about this particular sketchbook and the mediaContinue reading “New Black Paper Sketch Book”

Decorative Lettering

Writing and enjoying letters, as in the actual alphabet, has an appeal to many people. This manifests itself by our interest in calligraphy, our amazement regarding illuminated manuscript letters, and even our attachment to those iconic typefaces we have come to know such as the ones in Harper’s, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker (plusContinue reading “Decorative Lettering”

Literacy Wish List

Hello all ! Every so often, my daughter and her colleagues assemble a wish list for books so they can provide reading materials to their students in Baltimore City. There is no public library that is easily accessible to the families that live in this community. This year, they have a particular need for booksContinue reading “Literacy Wish List”