Stream of Conscious Drawings with Longwinded Captions

Awhile ago I posted a drawing from my sketchbook with a lengthy caption about The Girl from Ipanema. Since then I have done more of this type of sketching and figured I would post a few more here. I will type out the captions underneath because there are good handwriting day and bad handwriting days.Continue reading “Stream of Conscious Drawings with Longwinded Captions”

Succotash, Painting, Leisure Activities

This may seem like an odd combination of things but it is because last summer I gave a summary of a week’s activities and it was a week that we cleaned the carpet. Well, it is carpet cleaning day again so I figured that was a good reason to repeat that format and fortunately itContinue reading “Succotash, Painting, Leisure Activities”

The Girl from Ipanema’s House

I am posting this at the insistence of a friend that urged I share it. I don’t know what made me think of this song recently but I did and was compelled to draw and write the following (see a typed version of the text under the image): The text reads: This is where theContinue reading “The Girl from Ipanema’s House”

The Neighborhood – The Final Version

I have been working on this piece for several years now. For awhile, it lived on a dowel and each house was on a string. But after awhile, that seemed awkward to display. Then I thought about making it a book and made fences to help the houses to connect together and stand up andContinue reading “The Neighborhood – The Final Version”

Found Treasures in Old Book

Last week at the Herbarium I was browsing through the books and came across this old book that appears to be a textbook from 1855 Here are some pages with diagrams Now here are the surprises! Some pressed plants circa 1878, perhaps from the Cleveland Ohio area as per the dates and places on theContinue reading “Found Treasures in Old Book”

One Place, Five Different Map Memories

Before I show the five diagrams below, I must give some background information. In the mid 1950s, my parents were given the opportunity to rent a house for the summer in a small lake community for a total of $5. At the end of the summer, they had the option to purchase the property. ItContinue reading “One Place, Five Different Map Memories”

Artist Book Process

Many people are curious about how artists work. Some artist have a very linear process while others, like myself when I am working on a book, start with a concept and play with ideas and materials to see where things go. Below is a short video showing one particular aspect of a piece I haveContinue reading “Artist Book Process”

Local (?) History

Last week we went for a walk on a local greenway that features statues of prominent citizens from the area. While we did not get to see all the statues, the ones we did see were informative and impressive. The one I am choosing to feature here is because, though it is a local figure,Continue reading “Local (?) History”

Not the Still Life I Set Out to Write About

This post was originally going to be called Still Life with Weeds and it was going to talk about the weeds in the jar. But after looking at some of the things on my desk I decided to change course. So we will talk about the jar of weeds in my next post. First, theContinue reading “Not the Still Life I Set Out to Write About”