The Origins of the Cookie Cutter House Project ~ Part 3

2.Tenament with Bird Nest - side 1
Tenement, Circa 2008, Private collection

Some where in the early 2000s, my imagery and the associated symbols in my work took a turn away from buildings and houses.  When they did show up, they tended to be less of the main point and more part of an entire message.  Around this time I became interested in book arts and installations.  Installation art, which is what the Cookie Cutter Project will be, is an interesting art form and something you can read about  here.   Though the artwork is still a mixture of media, installation and book arts, by their nature, are three dimensional.

The first piece on this post, Tenement, can be called a sculpture, or three dimensional print, or a book depending on your definition of such work. It is made from three small boxes covered with etchings I made of (what else?) buildings! On the very top of this piece, a paper birds nest sits and is embellished by another ubiquitous personal symbol in my work, a TV antennae.


Another small sculptural piece, The Beach, featuring a building is pictured in this post. What these pieces both have in common from a content point of view is they are statement of the environment in which they would exist.  Beach was made as a reaction to issues such as erosion, flood, and other unpleasant factors in areas where large bodies of water influence the landscape and community.

After the Flood, circa late 1990s

The last image I am including is from an installation piece called Cohabitation which, like Tenement,  also references how nature manages to eek out places in an urban environment.  Again, these pieces are less about the buildings themselves and more about the context in which buildings exist.

Phoenixville #3
Cohabitation, 2008, Installation


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