Intro to the Cookie Cutter House Project & Beginning the Artwork

box and mug
Box and mug from Julie

The Cookie Cutter House Project is based on a number of things.  Houses and buildings appeared in my former work because I lived in an old, large city and became part of my subconscious.   Recently, I moved to a totally new environment comprised of a mix of rural and suburban landscape. Overdevelopment and a lack of housing for the booming population are major concerns. In addition, when I did move, I left the only place I ever knew as “home” and I believe this project is helping me address and possibly redefine my thoughts on home and community. 

During the holidays, my friend Julie gave me a lovely mug that came in a box that was equally pretty and worthy of keeping.  I put the box on my art shelf and noticed a little house shape I cut out from a painting that was not successful (pictured at the top of this post).  I put the little house shape in the box for safekeeping.  A day or so later, I noticed the house sitting in the box and started to think of a whole pile of such shapes, living in this box, and connected by string and the term Suburban Sprawl came to mind.  I started working on cutting out a large number house shapes for this project.  Right now, I have mixed feelings about how these came out but still am interested in the concept of a number of houses connected by string.

Suburban Sprawl Layout Demo
Some houses and mock layout

I have other ideas for artwork for this project and would also like to include a public component.  As work and ideas develop, I will post them.  In addition, I will be blogging about thoughts I have on home, housing, and community.  I hope you will join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Intro to the Cookie Cutter House Project & Beginning the Artwork

  1. They do look like cookies. That and the house shape Make me think of how streets of identical houses over time become individualized. Just what struck me. I’ll be interested to see where it goes.


  2. Hi Claudia, yes that is an aspect of this that I am thinking about. I am trying to think of more 3D possibilities to show inside of the houses. I have some thoughts.


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