‘Beets me!’ Sketches

The title for this post may seem a bit odd but the following pages from my sketchbook all started with stained parchment paper from cooking beets and a few scones. But ‘Scones me’ is not an expression and, therefore, a poor title for this post. Anyway, The richly colored pieces of parchment I could not throw away. I attempted to iron them between sheets of wax paper, sort of like what we did with autumn leaves as kids. But the wax paper would not stick. The result was additional paper stained with marks from the beet stained paper. So I had lots to work with. What I decided to do was to just tear random pieces of paper and arrange them on different pages of my sketchbook. I ended up with nine pages of these papers. Then I went back in over the course of a few days and developed images based on what the shapes made me think of. It looks like there are 3 categories here: hens, maps, and landscapes. So I will group them below according to the resulting categories, rather than the order they are in my sketchbook, which is random.

Ok – the hens first

Hens and hen house
Hen House 2

Next – the maps. I have to wonder if somewhere they were influenced from all the sad news. Possibly hoping for neighboring places that got along well, no conflict.

Friendly Trade Routes
Ship Voyage

And now the landscapes. The last one I don’t think is done yet.

Unfinished Landscape

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