6 thoughts on “Obsolete?

  1. Geator Gold Radio (Jerry Blavat) still accepts requests and you can request songs during live airings of his dance parties! WIBG still has request hours. All this survives at the Jersey Shore! Plus, don’t forget Dr. Laura … over the years, her call-ins were great for confirming there were crazy and/or crazier people out there … besides me! Great memories of sitting on the porch with my Dad and listening to the Phillies. Last but not least … The Marconi Experiment, late evenings on the porch listening to underground radio. Thank you.

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  2. Glad you liked this. I was recently watching Rocky and WIBG was on in the background. And I miss the teletype machine on the new KYW!!! They need to get that sound back, no fun listening without it.


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