Portrait of Claudia

This is a portrait I did of my friend Claudia. It looks absolutely nothing like her. Claudia does not clad herself in Jarlsberg cheese wrappers, or any cheese wrappers for that matter. I am not even sure if Claudia likes cheese, but then again, who doesn’t like cheese???? Odder than the dress I choose for Claudia is the head. When I saw this telephone dial from an ad in an ancient newspaper, I immediately thought of Claudia. Well, you may think, maybe this Claudia person likes to talk on the phone. Wrong again. Claudia hates to talk on the phone. About the only thing that slightly relates to my friend in this portrait are the colors, which are among those she often uses in her own artwork, and the technique for applying the colors. The technique for applying the colors is from a workshop we both participated in last Friday at the National Gallery of Art’s Virtual Studio series. So I can safely say that Claudia, at least last Friday, used this technique of applying color to paper.

5 thoughts on “Portrait of Claudia

  1. i love the portrait. I was surprised that you didn’t explain the method used for applying color. But maybe that will be in another post ________________________________

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  2. Oh, I did include a link to the workshop. That, hopefully, describes it. Basically it was building up hatch marks. Not to be confused with the Hatch act.


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