X is the Loneliest Letter

Last week I showed some work I was doing in a decorative letter class I am taking through the Smithsonian Associates. You can see that post here.

The letter for this week is: X. Poor X. Very few people try to get an X in scrabble. And when they do, the letter is relegated to the obvious ‘X ray‘ or ‘Extra‘. Even the more lofty “Extravagant” does not always have a very good connotation. Not much creative happens with an X. And then it has a bad reputation on top of it all : X rated. Brand X. So why not give X some well deserved attention. So below I present…. The Letter X

9 thoughts on “X is the Loneliest Letter

  1. This is really quite lively and beautiful. Very Book-of-Kellsy! Looks to me like (s)he is reaching for some goldfish to put with the 3 already captured and swimming in the pool below. Playful shapes and lovely golds, purples, and blue-greens. When our civilization collapses in 2 or 3 years you’ll be one of the chosen few working away in a tower copying all the books…

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  2. Re X being the loneliest … 2 words using X, one old, the other learned recently!
    Xebec and xerosis. Next, your heading resulted in a line from a song popping into my head. ” … one is the loneliest number, etc.” Finally, I am picturing you, sitting in a tower, high in the Alps, surrounded by talking monks (I would never saddle you with a group that had taken a vow of silence), happily designing the first letter on each page of each book!

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