Gull Print Drawings

Last week, walking under a pier along a beach in Virginia by the Chesapeake I looked down and noticed a blanket of Gull footprints in the sand. Being a fan of textures and patterns, I thought this might be fun to try to print or draw. Drawing first! I used my black sketchbook and someContinue reading “Gull Print Drawings”

Drawings – Seed Houses (part 1 of 2)

A few posts ago I showed some drawings I was doing on what I called “Seed People”. Well, seed people need a place to live so here are some Seed Houses. On some of these you can see a ghost of the image from the other side of the paper, but I don’t think itContinue reading “Drawings – Seed Houses (part 1 of 2)”

Drawings – Seed People

Not long ago I mentioned that I like to sit and doodle. Many of my doodles recently have been these characters that I decided to call seed people. The thought of seeds kept coming into my mind – first from the word ‘Seed’ that I made during my lettering class then through a guided meditationContinue reading “Drawings – Seed People”

Drawings – Eras of Creation

There was scholar by the name of Marcus Borg whose focus for his many books was historical interpretations of sacred texts. An overall theme in a chapter of a recent book I read was how ancient communities explained where the world came from. Many of us are familiar with the Creation story from the firstContinue reading “Drawings – Eras of Creation”

Drawings – Ancient Figurines

I was searching for images in the public domain to show during a talk I was going to give on the element of shape in art. It dawned on me that the ‘go to’ is always paintings and I got to thinking that sculpture would be so much more fun for exploring shape. Many ofContinue reading “Drawings – Ancient Figurines”

My Sketchbooks

Since I post so much from my sketchbooks I thought it might be worthwhile to talk about the types of books I have. As mentioned in other posts, I used to not be a sketchbook person. I thought this was odd given you always hear of artists keeping sketchbooks. But I would obsess over theContinue reading “My Sketchbooks”

Harriet is on Vacation

So for those of you who are used to seeing Harriet the Elegant Ghost posted at least once a week this is for you! Harriet has rented this space out (to me) for a time to raise money to go on new adventures as well as replace her string of pearls and opera glasses. AsContinue reading “Harriet is on Vacation”