Silent Echoes


This post is dedicated to my dear friend “Chief” Nancy

Several years ago, I embarked on a project called “Silent Echoes”. It involved noticing how people used the space around the outside of their homes, and also refuted the common belief that every row house is exactly the same.  Below is the text that was written for the project and the slide show underneath shows pairings of different photographs.  Oddly, I just realized this project was completed 20 years ago and I feel it is still relevant and relates to ideas presented in the Cookie Cutter House Project.

Text from Silent Echoes, March 1998



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3 thoughts on “Silent Echoes

  1. While we don’t have row houses where I am, it reminds me of the developments full of colonial houses built in the 1990’s that are everywhere here. Structurally, they are all the same, but every one looks different because of the personal touches people put on them.

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