Three Tall Buildings

If you have been poking around this blog, you will have seen a few recent posts from my sketch books featuring tall, tall buildings. After working on this theme on a small scale (the sketchbooks are 7 x 10 inches), I had the urge to draw these structures much larger. This piece was made onContinue reading “Three Tall Buildings”

What is Home to Sheldon Strober

Sheldon Strober was born in Delaware Township, NJ and currently resides in center city Philadelphia. I have bought, sold and refurbished nearly a dozen houses. I loved working and living in them.  They delivered challenge, comfort, beauty as well as handsome profits. Each project was a loving experience in which I cooperated and interpreted historicContinue reading “What is Home to Sheldon Strober”

Silent Echoes

This post is dedicated to my dear friend “Chief” Nancy Several years ago, I embarked on a project called “Silent Echoes”. It involved noticing how people used the space around the outside of their homes, and also refuted the common belief that every row house is exactly the same.  Below is the text that wasContinue reading “Silent Echoes”