Three Tall Buildings

If you have been poking around this blog, you will have seen a few recent posts from my sketch books featuring tall, tall buildings. After working on this theme on a small scale (the sketchbooks are 7 x 10 inches), I had the urge to draw these structures much larger. This piece was made on a full sheet of Rives BFK using acrylic paint, gesso, and Wolf’s carbon pencil. My friend Anders introduced me to these pencils. They produce a dense black line if you use them dry and if you use them wet, which is what I prefer, the line becomes even richer and more velvety. Below is the piece as it stands now and underneath that is a close up of the window and clouds. It is still sort of a work in progress because, as much as I love the dark lines, I am trying to decide if I want to tone a few down a bit more. One thing I do like is how the windows show through the clouds a bit. Also, I like that I was not too particular about cleaning up edges of windows or the buildings themselves. I welcome any comments or thoughts on this as I work it out.

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