Valentine Buildings?

For the last two Fridays I have joined in a virtual group where the theme is writing letters. Now I am a person who actually does writes letters but the reason I joined in was more curiosity. Basically, there is a theme every week where the host plays music geared to that theme and perhaps you would write a letter to someone based on the theme. The first time I joined in it was mediation (perhaps you would write a thought provoking letter) and the second time it was valentines (write a love letter). About every 40 minutes the host stops the music and people engage in light conversation about whatever they were doing. As it turns out nobody really spends time writing letters, at least in the two sessions I attended. As for me, the first week I was working in my winter twig notebook and last week I was working in one of my sketchbooks. Other people were tending to a variety of works: embroidery, wood whittling, paperwork, bookbinding, you name it.

I had every intention of working on my tall skinny buildings that I have written recent posts on (also see here) Well, through listening to the music and I guess with the theme in the back of my brain, my buildings took a bit of a turn so here are the results. For me, my favorite is the last one, even though that is the least defined. I like the mysteriousness of it.

What I like about joining in this group is that it keeps me more focused. I would work on my sketchbook on my own but I would also have a tendency to multi task – go throw in laundry, go stir the soup, whatever. For some reason in this format, I tend to focus more. Possibly because I think I may miss something? The next piece of music selected (which is really terrific) or a break to chat and hear what others are up to? I think this type of activity is not for everybody and it takes a very good moderator to make sure it goes well which this group has. Though I may not join in every week, it is definitely an activity I will keep in mind if I am in the mood to be with people on a Friday afternoon yet be on my own. It is the best of both worlds.

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