What is Home to Shonah Brown

Shonah Brown was born in Charlotte, NC and currently resides in Mooresville, NC Home to me  means so many things.  Home is where I grew up.  Home is my safe place where I have raised my family.  Home is at my church.  Home is LOVE.  It’s hard to paint all that love.  So I chooseContinue reading “What is Home to Shonah Brown”

What is Home to Mark Young

For this particular post, it is best to read the commentary from Mark first, then view his video which is posted after his comments.  Mark Young lives and works in Chester County, PA, to the northwest of Philadelphia and was born and raised in Delaware County, just to the southwest of the city. I have servedContinue reading “What is Home to Mark Young”

What is Home to Diana Vazquez

Diana Vazquez resides in Toronto, Canada. I live in the downtown core of a busy city in a neighbourhood filled with apartment buildings. During the day, I only see lines and grids and blank windows – people and their homes are shrouded in anonymity. But at night, through lighted windows, I can sometimes see theContinue reading “What is Home to Diana Vazquez”

What is Home to Sheldon Strober

Sheldon Strober was born in Delaware Township, NJ and currently resides in center city Philadelphia. I have bought, sold and refurbished nearly a dozen houses. I loved working and living in them.  They delivered challenge, comfort, beauty as well as handsome profits. Each project was a loving experience in which I cooperated and interpreted historicContinue reading “What is Home to Sheldon Strober”

What is Home to Alice Sudduth

Alice Sudduth was born and raised in Monticello, GA and currently resides in Davidson, NC. I haven’t moved a lot in my life.  I’ve spent most of my life in the southern US, mainly in Georgia and North Carolina.  Most of my life I’ve lived in houses that are adjacent to wooded areas and IContinue reading “What is Home to Alice Sudduth”

What is Home to Karen Muldoon

Karen Muldoon  was born in Philadelphia, PA  and currently resides in Hampton, VA When I was young, home was always where my mother was. I took a long cross country trip in my 20s and when people asked me where home was I said “New Jersey” even though I had never lived there. My familyContinue reading “What is Home to Karen Muldoon”