What is Home to Nancy Barch

Nancy Barch was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently lives in Delaware County, PA The smell of wet sidewalks after a summer rain, roofing tar, playing under the water of a fireplug, walking to the library and the movies, playing hopscotch and red rover in the street, these are all memories of growing up inContinue reading “What is Home to Nancy Barch”

What is Home to Karen Muldoon

Karen Muldoon  was born in Philadelphia, PA  and currently resides in Hampton, VA When I was young, home was always where my mother was. I took a long cross country trip in my 20s and when people asked me where home was I said “New Jersey” even though I had never lived there. My familyContinue reading “What is Home to Karen Muldoon”

Sounds Familiar

Off and on we enjoy visiting Salisbury, NC, a small city/town approximately 40 miles from where we currently live. Salisbury is place rich in history and home to a wonderful main street and fabulous cultural facility called the Waterworks Visual Arts Center. On a fairly recent visit, I heard two sounds that, not to beContinue reading “Sounds Familiar”