What is Home to Diana Vazquez

Diana Vazquez ~ Home

Diana Vazquez resides in Toronto, Canada.

I live in the downtown core of a busy city in a neighbourhood filled with apartment buildings. During the day, I only see lines and grids and blank windows – people and their homes are shrouded in anonymity. But at night, through lighted windows, I can sometimes see the warmth of family life and community around me. Although many of us spend our days in the noise and bustle of the city, we have the pleasure of coming home, which to me, is a place of serenity and light.

About Diana: I started drawing to quiet my mind a couple of years ago and found that I liked it.  I share some of my explorations with drawing and painting on my blog: https://asmuchcake.com/

7 thoughts on “What is Home to Diana Vazquez

  1. Diana’s description is so vivid in my mind. During evenings in Center City Philadelphia, I would look up and around at office and apartment buildings seeing what she describes. Not only was it comforting to confirm I was not alone, it was exciting to sense the “hum” of life surrounding me. Thank you!

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  2. Hi Diane, Commentary on the posts is a great inclusion.  Enjoy your wonderful grandchild this weekend. Best,  Sheldon


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