The Local Landscape

When I moved to the south, I left behind what is known as Trash Can Snowstorms.  Now some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about but for those of you who do not, an explanation is needed. A trash can snowstorm is when you shovel out your car and then reserve your spot with your trash cans (lawn chairs are also acceptable).  Is it illegal?  Yes.  Is it enforced? No.  Do you dare move someone’s trash cans and take the spot? Not if you value your life and your car.

trash can snow - pittsburgh post -gazette
Trash Can Snow

This is what I would call a trait of the cultural landscape; something you only see in particular geographic locations.  I now have access to a whole new group of cultural landscape imagery.  The first one I noticed here is the School Rock.  I do not know if this is a southern thing or a North Carolina thing  but it seems that all schools have a giant rock out front that is continuously painted with the name of some student highlighting something about that person:  a birthday, a sporting victory, etc.   Fortunately, my friend Erin’s son, Cooper,  just had a birthday and they photographed the rock they painted so you can see what I mean.  As you can guess, Cooper likes baseball.

School Rock, Lincoln County, NC

I am going to continue to look for new cultural landscape images but want to share a favorite one from my past life:  the sneakers on the electrical wire.  Are there cultural landscape signs where you live?  What are they?

sneakers on wire
Sneakers on Wire, Phila., PA


2 thoughts on “The Local Landscape

  1. It seems as though it may vary from school to school but generally there is no charge and each school has a system of when you can ask for the space and how long they allow you to have it. High schools also have them but they tend to be more for graffiti and banter between rival schools.


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