Your Local Department Store

Above the entrance of the now defunct Lit Brothers advertising a courtesy service.   Photo by Carmen Martino

While there are chain departments stores that you can find in almost any city, there are those special local/regional ones that define an area. Where I am originally from, there were not only wonderful larger local department stores but some smaller ones as well. The larger department stores I am speaking of are Strawbridge & Clothier, John Wanamakers, and Lit Brothers.  The smaller stores, and less well known are The Blum Store and Nan Duskins.  If the names of any of these retailers are familiar to you then you are most likely from, or have spent a fair amount of time, in the Philadelphia area.

Blum Store Sign
High above street level, this sign for the Blum Store with their elegant logo of a gloved lady’s hand holding a parasol, has weathered time.


Old Belk's Store
One of the older Belk’s locations somewhere in the Carolinas




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