What is Home to Cindy Fabbioli

Cindy Fabbioli ~ Home

Cindy Fabbioli lived most of her life in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

I was considering calling this piece the kitchen sink because that is about the only item that is missing in my house.  To me, home can be any dwelling that is  filled with love, warmth, security and plenty.  Home should allow true comfort with the freedom to express yourself, and the support and encouragement needed to become your best self.  My interpretation is a mosaic of mundane household bits displayed in a haphazard manner.  Elements of mechanical, personal, arty, educational, electronic, domestic, analytic, monetary, creative, botanical, industrial, measurement, pharmaceutical, earthy, superstitious, gaming, decorative and utile natures have been included to illustrate the chaotic order of life and my home.  I have always kind of prided myself on having whatever anyone ever needs…

About Cindy:    I have lived in Mount Laurel, New Jersey for much of my life.  I have very fortunate to have grown up in a very happy and unusual household.  Our house was always open to anyone and everyone and was always an informal place to gather for family and friends.

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