A Walk Around the World

This book was started some time ago but I did not like the way it was progressing so I put it away to work on “in the future”. Well, the future came and here is the finished book. It is a fond memory of my mother. Each panel is shown enlarged so the text and illustrations are easier to see and read.


A Walk Around the World, Mixed Media Artist Book, 9″ x 21.5″



A Walk Around the World, Panels 1, 2, & 3.





9 thoughts on “A Walk Around the World

  1. I hope, down the road, I approach a walk around the block as an adventure … or someone reminds/suggests that I do so. Each adventure can focus on specific, wonderful memories! The exercise and continued movement will be the “icing” on the adventure. As we progress on the journey of aging, I believe there will be more situations to focus on what we are able to do and not on what we can not; ultimately improving the quality of our lives.

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  2. Thank you Claudia. For some reason today I remembered you taking me over to pick up my Mom’s rocking chair to bring back to my house.


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