Diversity, Friendship, Unity: New Artist Books

PLEASE NOTE: My website has move. This site will remain up as a blog with a few other information tabs at the top. You can access my new website from the top menu or here.

The books I have worked on over the past few months have in common the topic of multiculturalism, but each book focuses on different aspects of the topic. Friends is a light hearted look at a group of girls from different cultures enjoying a day outdoors. A Prayer for Justice and Peace is based on the imagery I made to participate in the Raise Your Voice mural project at the Hickory Museum of Art. That project responded to the recent protests on racial injustice. The Big Question addresses the irony with regard to why people easily accept differences in appearance among animals but not among other human beings.

These pieces were made using a variety of media including, but not limited to: relief printing, drypoint, embroidery, and collage to name a few. I often get ideas for books in my mind but it may take months before the ideas take form physically. And even when I think I know how I am going to go about making the images and constructing the piece, it often changes during the course of the process. Figuring all this out and seeing how it turns out, for me, is the fun of making art.

To see additional images of each book, visit my website here.

6 thoughts on “Diversity, Friendship, Unity: New Artist Books

  1. These images are so uniquely elemental, yet carry such an important theme. Some I clicked on would not enlarge?




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