Go Ahead ~ Bitch and Complain!

Lately I have talked to lots of people who have had days that they just feel, mentally, like crap and they can’t quite figure out why. I include myself in this group of people. The other thing we all have in common is beating ourselves up for feeling this way. It starts off where you are irritable, sad, or weepy and you try to figure out why. Then comes these thoughts: So many people are far worse off than I am, I should be grateful, etc. etc. etc. Well, there are people worse off than you but there are also people who are better off than you, even if the only reason they are better off is that on that particular day you feel like crap and they don’t! And what about being grateful? It is good to be grateful and I truly believe that most people are grateful. But just because you feel like shit, does not mean you are ungrateful.

So go ahead! Spend a day feeling like crap and wallowing in self pity without berating yourself for it. You will probably wake up the next day feeling better. And for that, you can be grateful.

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