Succotash, Painting, Leisure Activities

This may seem like an odd combination of things but it is because last summer I gave a summary of a week’s activities and it was a week that we cleaned the carpet. Well, it is carpet cleaning day again so I figured that was a good reason to repeat that format and fortunately it will be minus an earthquake.

Winter is Approaching, mixed media on panel, 12″ x 12″

Starting above with a painting I have been working and struggling with for the past few weeks. Well, I was able to complete that and am pretty happy with it. Last year I was volunteering at home mounting plants. Now I am employed at the herbarium so I spent a few days there and I am still trying to adjust to a new work schedule but that is coming along fine.

“chopped” version succotash

So what is this? Well, I find it to be great fun to take a bunch of vegetables that are in too small amounts to do much with on their own and make different blends of succotash. Aside from the show Chopped, the other inspiration I have for this is my Dad who used to clean out the refrigerator, add eggs, and scramble them with all the leftovers and called it Jambolt. Jambolt is an actual dish but it seems that is is one of those things that varies depending on the household. Well, succotash is sort of the same. My base for my Jambolt/Chopped succotash is thankfully NOT eggs but corn. For this version I had a little leftover radishes, red onion and spinach from our lunch this week and I am a big believer that a little olive oil, salt, and pepper are the the essentials to any type of vegetable dish. So to that I added a dash of cayenne and a little sweet paprika. Succotash.

The above images are from a sculpture show we went to last Saturday at the Boyhill Walking Park in Lenoir, NC. We were really not sure what to expect and decided that if we didn’t feel safe we would just not attend. Our reluctance was based on many things but I won’t get into that here. It was only about an hour away so at the very least it was a nice ride. But we were pretty sure it would be fine based on some research we did. As you can see, it is a lovely setting and it was not very crowded. There were about 35 sculptors and they were arranged around a lake. Most of the sculptors wore masks and we put ours up if we approached them to talk. We were really glad we took the chance and went. Each artist was allowed to display up to three sculptures. My favorite sculpture is below.

This wonderful installation by Crista Cammaroto was made out of all natural materials and is on a sand base. It was quite large and some details are above (you can right click on any image and it will enlarge in its own window). The yellow mounds were tummeric and you could smell them big time. She must have been there in the middle of the night setting this up. There was another one but my photos of that did not come out so well.

Earlier in the week I was able to safely attend an organ concert. An organ concert is not like going to see a rock band as they attract a relatively small, particular demographic. I love sitting in the back row of this big cavernous church and dozing off. It is very meditative. There was plenty of social distancing, even for the people who sat way up front. It is in Davidson which is, as a rule, concerned about safety and has a high vaccination rate so I feel pretty confident about anything I do there.

So though we are creeping along, I truly believe we are in a better place than we were a year ago for many reasons. And things will slowly improve as time goes on. I believe it was necessary to have this set back because people were getting too lax too quick, forgetting that many children are still not eligible for vaccines. I, for one, was struggling with the idea that a light switch turned and everything was normal again. That actually felt more strange to me than this slower adjustment.

Of course, the carpet is now clean. And the upholstery.

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