My Journey in the Visual Arts: Part 9 of 10

This is a series of short posts that will piece together how I ended up in the visual arts. I don’t recall an Ah-Ha situation where I knew from a particular moment that I wanted to be an artist. It just sort of crept up on me. It has now been over 35 years since I pursued art as, at first, a serious avocation then a profession. Along the way I have been very fortunate having experienced many facets of the visual art world. During that time I have also made attempts to leave that world only to be pulled back in somehow. You can read the first post in this series here.


I continued to take studio classes in college and my drawing instructor, Michelle, was very liberal with her definition of the word “drawing”, so I decided to start making drawings from cut paper. The first piece I did was a busy cityscape with odd shaped buildings and cars and the palette was limited to white, black, a gray and a blue/gray. I remember she liked the drawing and I also remember a friend of mine saying that she would find it more pleasing if there was a dot of red somewhere. That sort of stuck in my mind and was useful at a later point, but for now, I was limiting my palette.


I had a goal to get into the Rittenhouse Square show. This was the show that I met the pen and ink artist at a few years before. One of the artists who had been in the show for many years told me to make sure the body of work I presented to the jury was consistent. I needed at least 10 pieces. I decided I would do a series of cut paper collages and the imagery would be things that were completely from my imagination. The paper I used was Canson Mi-Teintes paper. My daughter at this time was around three and I was still in school. I worked all hours of the night and whatever time I could steel during the day. Below is some of my work from that time as well as my display from my first year in the show, which was 1989.

Neon Nights, Cut paper collage
Ten Cats, Cut paper collage
Handyman Special, Cut paper collage
Morning Edition, Cut paper collage
Me at Rittenhouse show, 1989


5 thoughts on “My Journey in the Visual Arts: Part 9 of 10

  1. Hi Bonnie! Always wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for your comments and I am glad you are enjoying this series. A friend of mine suggested I post them when I told her what I was writing down.


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