Window-Swap Workshop

Last weekend the Plastic Club, an historic arts organization in Philadelphia, hosted a drawing session using a website called Window-swap. The purpose of the Window-swap site is to give people glimpses of the views from other peoples’ windows from around the world. Though I am fond of the view from my own window, it was certainly nice to see what was outside of Elsa’s window in the countryside of France and Katarina’s window in Moscow as well as a window from a commuter train in Taipa and several other scenes.

There were seven of us present and we ran this session online. Though we did not keep the audio on for the images we were viewing, we had forgotten to adjust it once or twice and it was amusing to hear Leonard Cohen singing from one of the windows. Did Elsa have her radio on? Does she have a CD? We will never know! Another neat feature of the site is you can click on the label of where the window is and see a map of the area – a great way to learn your georgraphy!

Anyway, here are two of my pieces. We at first did 5 minutes sketches of about 8 different window views then we settled on a few to do 10 minute drawing. You can also view what my friend Claudia McGill did here. People really enjoyed this activity and we will be repeating it soon.

Katarina’s window, Moscow
Elsa’s window, France

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