The Birds

I was going along in my sketchbooks happily drawing funny shaped houses and buildings and out of nowhere, birds crept onto the pages. These are very different from my Dirty Birds series that I did back in 2003/2004 when I was obsessed with, mainly, pigeons but other common urban birds as well. Clicking on any of the four images will open it in a separate window.

The one in the upper left is the first drawing and the one in the lower right is the last. For reasons I do not know, my favorite is the large white bird all by itself with its shadow, probably because of the simplicity of it. Do you have a favorite?

For comparison, here are two from the Dirty Birds series, which are very different from the birds above. To give a sense of scale, these are on full sheets of paper. The one on the bottom, Foraging, would barely fit into my car! I briefly referenced this series of work in another blog post where I was recapping how I ended up in the visual arts.

Pigeons, Mixed Media, Private Collection
Foraging, Mixed Media, Private Collection

4 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. Thank you Sheldon. I am still fond of the series too but I wonder if I were to set out to draw wild birds again if they would come out in a similar way or be very different? Something to maybe try!

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