4 thoughts on “Local names

  1. Diane, There are several family names that come to mind that live in my county. But because the population is so small, and getting smaller, I hesitate to name them especially since everyone seems to be related. Generations go back to the seventeenth century. Since I am a relative newbie, yet have been befriended by some of them, I will refrain from naming them.

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  2. My husband is from a small town and his dad was sort of the local celebrity and known as “The Judge”. He was long since retired from his judicial duties but it was just how people referred to the family. Maybe he was a badass or a softie back in the day, or maybe everyone was thinking about an outstanding parking ticket or other misdeeds.

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  3. Hi Julie, Yes I remember you mentioning that Joe’s father was sort of a local character. I think local characters are far more interesting than very famous people.


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