Paper Quilt Sketchbook – Source material

Continuing with my project of small scale collage paper quilts inspired by the Gees Bend quilters, I wanted to show one in particular that I made a few days ago along with the source materials. As I mentioned in the last post on this series, I was not using the sketch book pages opposite of the collaged quilts and I decided to make drawings of the tiny collages to further enhance my exploration of the designs.

I had some drawings from a sketch book that were not working for me. Normally I would just leave the drawings in the sketch book and move on to the next page but for some reason these particular drawings called out to me to remove them from the book and use them for collage materials. I don’t have a photo of some of the other sketches, but they were all based on the same house and cloud type shapes. So here are some of the pages below I cut up for source material:

And the resulting collage-quilt is below, enhanced with some brush pens filled with fountain pen ink:

And the drawing of the collage below:

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