Class Dismissed – Lettering Class Ends

I wrote some other posts on the class I took through the Smithsonian Associates on Decorative Letters in Watercolor. We finished the last session last week and I must say it is worth taking something that is completely off the radar from what you normally do. The most fun about such things is that you find ways to make it your own and you also pick up skills that you will no doubt use elsewhere.

Obviously, I hope, this is the letter H. This was for my friend Helena who is Dutch. So tulips were not optional. It was the first chance that I had to make something that was completely of my own invention, meaning, without prompts. Prompts are, essentially, suggestions for things to include when you practice your letters. For example, in my first class, I did a letter R and a letter E. The prompt for that assignment was to include circular flourishes around or behind the letter. Another example was the X (a very popular post so X is no longer so lonely). That prompt was to include a geometric shape. Some other prompts included combining thick and thin lines to the letter itself, embellishing on the letter, making a border, etc. While I do not see myself turning into a nun or monk transcribing manuscripts (a suggestion of my friend Anders), I do see me sending letters off here and there as the mood strikes me.

9 thoughts on “Class Dismissed – Lettering Class Ends

  1. Perhaps a unique alphabet border for Oti’s room or classroom??? That’s what popped into my thoughts.
    The “H” is lovely and ready for spring.

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    1. Well, being as anymore younger people can’t even read cursive, I don’t know how an ornate alphabet would go over. The good side of this is – that trend gets me out of standing on a ladder making a border!


      1. I don’t know the answer to this … can’t help but wonder??? For legal purposes, notary transactions, purchase contracts, signing a tax return, etc. … what will constitute a signature? If anyone has dealt with this, please share. Thank you.

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