Printing with Alice

Every so often, I invite an artist friend to come over to use my printing press. My friend Alice had an image she wanted to make of a Salamander from when she went log rolling a few days before. Ok, you want to know what log rolling is. Well, it is a way to look for salamanders. But you have to know where to look and you have to go about it a certain way so as not to disrupt their life cycle process. So I do not recommend this unless you go with a naturalist who is knowlegable in this area.

Anyway, once we settled on the type of medium Alice wanted to use (block printing) she got to work. In addition, she had some black paper she wanted to try using. These were the initial prints. They came out very well. I love this happy little guy! They can be printed many different ways but this is all we had the steam for on that day – Alice needed to get home and make a birthday cake for her husband! (Happy Birthday Al). Here are two other posts I have on artwork with Alice.: Post 1 Post 2

6 thoughts on “Printing with Alice

  1. The happy little salamander! I enjoyed our printing day so much. Looked at the post from 3 years ago and was surprised that it was exactly 3 years ago. I remember that day and the strangeness of the times. Wondering if it was even ok to go for a walk outdoors with a friend. Such strange times. Glad we both survived it. Glad we had some good meetups and some zooms, too.

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    1. Wow! I thought that was more towards end of April. I will always be grateful for your friendship, especially during that time. I was gad to be in your “bubble”


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