New Paintings

To call these ‘new’ is sort of misleading. One of them (City, Spring) is actually new. But the other painting (Winter) is something I worked off and on at for about 2 years. I thought it was done but something still didn’t seem right so I had it sitting on a small easel so I could look at it off and on to decide if it was really done or not. Then one day, I took the easel down to dust. When I put the painting back, I placed it upside down not realizing it. Then when I looked at it, it all of the sudden seemed like a whole new painting. I made one or two small marks on it and declared it finished, finally! See, it does pay to clean every once in awhile!

City, Spring, Acrylic on Panel, 12″ x 12″

Winter, Acrylic on Panel, 16″ x 16″

14 thoughts on “New Paintings

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. I have always loved the city and buildings so I have no animosity towards those subjects. However, everyone experiences art differently and that is fine.

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      1. My mistake – I did not explain myself well – I meant for me when looking at your work here the subject matter seems ambiguous. Once reading the titles accompanying the works it directs me to possible themes of the piece – hope this makes sense

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  1. Yo! I love your new work! – including the lyrical Seed Houses that I think I forgot to comment on at the time. You seem to be in a very happy creative phase.

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    1. Well, here is the thing – I like to scribble in my sketchbooks at night. The paintings have always been a struggle for me. By nature, i’m not a painter.


  2. I especially love the winter one. I like it either way but you’re right, the new way is better. It reminds me of being at work in the city about 40 years ago when a big snowstorm came up (back then a snowstorm in the forecast didn’t cancel work) and I remember eating lunch in the cafeteria with its big windows and I could barely see the buildings a block away. I remember we had 21 inches eventually. They did let us go home early. The trolley and a half mile walk got me home no problem, snow falling like crazy all the way. Like your painting!

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