Gull Print Drawings

Last week, walking under a pier along a beach in Virginia by the Chesapeake I looked down and noticed a blanket of Gull footprints in the sand.

Being a fan of textures and patterns, I thought this might be fun to try to print or draw. Drawing first! I used my black sketchbook and some white and metallic pens and came up with this.

After drawing the footprints, I started to fill in the white areas working from the lower left to the upper right corner. In the process, when I was about 3/4 way finished, I liked how it looked with only part of the image filled in and the top left black. However, I decided to finish this as originally planned and do another one with only a partial fill in of the white.

Thanks for looking at my sketches!

9 thoughts on “Gull Print Drawings

  1. I love the gull footprints photo. What a special visual to come across. I really like your second interpretation of the photo. I prefer black/white photography when dealing with marine subjects!!! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Perfect. If I get myself moving before the “beach smoothing machines” attack the beach … I can see a variety of shapes and patterns in the sand. They tell the story of how nature enjoys the beach … while the pesky humans are sleeping!

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  3. Wow, I love these, including the photo. I really like how you moved from one variation to another. And, I applaud your great eye for seeing the pattern and extending it, when most people would just tromp on past.

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  4. It was a great find. Since under the pier the sand stays moist the footprints really stood out. Plus they stay put until the tide comes in.


  5. This is really fun! I am always fascinated by animal tracks. I like the partially filled in one as it looks like part of the prints are in the water and part on the dry beach.

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    1. I remember finding something on that beach a few years ago and sending a photo of it to you. You said it was a welk egg sack. I still don’t really know what that is!!! Buy you said it was a great find so I believe you.


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