New Tools, Yahoo!

New stuff!!

Not long ago after getting tired of sharpening my lino cutting tool every three seconds and still not having it sharp I decided “Enough!”   I have been cutting with the same old tools for 30 years and had gotten used to their quirks so much that it never even occurred to me to look for something else.  But it did on that wonderful day a week or two ago.

So I called up the wonderful people at McClain’s printmaking supplies and asked a bunch of questions, thought about the information over the weekend, then called back on Monday and placed my order.  Today, packaged with great care, were my supplies, some samples of blocks, technical information print outs, and their beautiful catalogue. The catalogue is such a treat because it contains artwork submitted by printmakers from everywhere.

I have come to realize that dealing with specialty stores for something that is really important to you is really the only way to go. Great service and expert advice are priceless. And a bonus:  going through he catalogue, I came across one of my linocuts reprinted!

From 2020 McClain’s Printmaking Supplies Catalogue