Not the Still Life I Set Out to Write About

This post was originally going to be called Still Life with Weeds and it was going to talk about the weeds in the jar. But after looking at some of the things on my desk I decided to change course. So we will talk about the jar of weeds in my next post. First, theContinue reading “Not the Still Life I Set Out to Write About”

Wildflower ‘Weeds’: Take a Second Look

At a quick glance, these two common lawn plants are mistaken for one another because they are considered “weeds” and, therefore, not appreciated. Even nature enthusiasts are often tricked by these two closely related plants because they often grow in patches among one another. So let’s take a close look at them, but not inContinue reading “Wildflower ‘Weeds’: Take a Second Look”

Observation is better than your smart phone

When I used to walk around my old neighborhood looking for sidewalk weeds, one that I came upon often was Carolina Horse Nettle (Solanum carolinense) and Eastern Black Nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum). These plants, though pretty, are considered nasty weeds by many gardeners and home owners. Adding aid to that general consensus are the facts thatContinue reading “Observation is better than your smart phone”