A New Version of an Old Favorite

Last week I went to visit my grandson.  I wanted to buy him a toy and I thought of the Fisher Price radio from days gone by.   I could not find that version of a radio but I stumbled upon this radio by Baby Einstein.  But it does not play the typical “Twinkle twinkle”, nope, this radio plays tunes by Mozart, Vivaldi, and Rossini to name a few.  I think it plays 8 tunes in all.  Though I recognized all the tunes, the only titles I knew were the William Tell Overture and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  And they were not whiny tinny sounds but very pleasing.  The radio also lights up and I love the happy wiggly worm on top.Baby Radio

The only draw back at this point is that in order for it to keep playing, someone has to press the button which is something he cannot do because he is seven weeks old.  I loved this so much,  I actually thought I purchasing one for myself for my nightstand as a calming sound.  It made me wish I had found this for my mother who suffered from Alzheimers but loved classical music.  She would look so content when we played opera music for her.  You just never know where you are going to discover inspiration and joy.  Oh, and my grandson does seem to enjoy it too!

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