Back to the Drawing, no, Printing Board!

So basically I am a printmaker.  At least that was how I was known where I lived for many years. Of course I did other work, but for some reason, even before I started only working in printing, I was referred to as a printmaker.

I have not pulled a print for almost 2 years.  When I moved, I sold my beloved printing press and all of my show inventory has since been liquidated.   So when I was asked by a local organization if I would donate something I had a challenge as I had nothing to give.  The challenge was to print by hand, something I have not done in many many years and did not even have the right equipment for.  Yes, there is always the old back of a large spoon, but to get a really clean print, you need something a bit more high end.

Set up for printing

I decided it was time to purchase a few necessary tools so I referred to my McClain’s catalogue to research barrens, a small circular tool for hand transfers.   My barren arrived last week.  Then I had to decide weather to cut a new block or use one of the very few blocks I saved.  I am also testing a new paper, Unryu, which is a strong thin eastern (rice) paper with swirling fibers.  This paper works well for hand transfers.  With the newness of the paper and barren, I decided that was enough of a learning curve and figured the best way to measure if my prints were successful was to print the blocks I currently had.  I was very pleased with the result and have three small linocuts to donate.  I feel it is important to donate your best work.  Many artist drag something out of a closet they do not like but I think that is a big mistake.  It is always important to show your best work.

This impression is not black enough


Happy results!

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