Minimalism is Also a State of Mind

Ailanthus webworm mothThere seems to be endless information around telling people how to live a minimalist life by getting rid of things they don’t need.  But here is the thing, minimalism, true minimalism, is not only about “things” but a state of mind. Below are some examples of what I am talking about.

Over the past year, a dear friend of mine was accepted into a very prestigious painting competition that lasted over a week at a small resort area. She worked very hard preparing for this event, not only honing her skills but preparing materials and visiting the location ahead of time.

At the end of the event, it was everything she imagined and more.  She had a wonderful time, learned a great deal, met lovely people, and was honored and humbled to have had such an experience.  And she said she would not do it again.  Huh???  This is the complete opposite of the more typical thought “I hope I can do this again”.  Basically, she had other things she would like to do.   It takes a lot of examination of self to make such a decision.  A minimalist mindset is knowing when enough is enough.

Above is a photograph of a moth.  Moths are way overlooked because their relatives, the butterflies, are perceived to be “more beautiful”. For the past three years I have participated in a national moth inventory. Going out into the woods at night and taking a close look at these tiny underappreciated insects has been great fun and very eye opening to see the array of colors and patterns on these creatures.  A minimalist mindset is taking the time to take a look at what is often overlooked.


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